Sevananda Natural Foods

Welcome to Sevananda Natural Foods Market. Since 1974, our consumer-owned natural foods market, has provided quality whole foods to shoppers and members in Atlanta and surrounding cities throughout Georgia. Our fresh market is owned and operated by our members and provides a natural source of healthy, local, and organic foods to the local community.
Sevananda is proud to support local farmers and businesses by selling local organic food, including seasonal produce, natural groceries, bulk herbs and spices, and other specialty health and wellness products in high demand. Offering locally grown foods allows us to live up to the commitment of our triple bottom line philosophy of economic, environmental, and social responsibility. By supporting our local community, we help to reduce the environmental impact of product transportation and provides our members and shoppers with the option of fresh, organic produce that is grown within 150 miles of our store, as well as many other natural foods, supplements, and health products.

If you’re looking for the best in whole and natural foods, vitamins and supplements, you’ve come to the right place. At Sevananda, we make it easy to find out all there is to know about the food you eat. What’s in it, and what isn’t. Where it’s from, how it’s grown, and who it’s grown by. That’s because we sell only the highest quality whole and natural foods — sourced locally and organically grown whenever possible — just as we have since 1974. And with product sourcing policies more demanding than any other stores, we fully guarantee the integrity and quality of what we sell. We call that food integrity. It’s what we live by, and what Sevananda has been all about from the beginning. Because it’s the only way we can promise you’re getting food you can trust. You can find out more about the food integrity difference at Sevananda from any of our store team members — every one of them’s more than happy to share what they know in the cause of good food. Welcome to a very different kind of market.