The CBD Luxe  affiliate program has switched to new management software. You will need to sign up for a new account if you haven’t already been emailed a new login from the affiliate manager. You will still be able to sign into your old account for the 60 days. Click HERE to view your old account.


Join the New CBDLUXE Affiliate Program


We are proud to offer the chance for you to profit from our cbd products and customer service.

If you would like to earn up to 10% on sales made through a link to us from your site, it’s as easy as filling out a simple form, setting up the link and hopefully sitting back to watch the sales come in.

Program Features:

-Start at level 1 and receive 5% of all sales that come from your link, banners, or coupon code
-Rank up to Level 2 and 10% commissions after crossing the $1000 threshold
-Lifetime commissions
-Pushover notifications to your mobile device
-Custom affiliate landing pages available
-Create your own custom affiliates slugs
-Direct link tracking available
-Instant notification by email of a sale through your account
-Password protected page to check sales and update account info
-Link to specific sections of the site, to a specific product or to our home page
-Cookie tracking program that gets you credit even if your referral does not make a purchase until a month later.
-Full technical support
-Receive monthly payments via PayPal

Program Requirements:

-You must place a link on your site to generate affiliate sales
-Spamming is not permitted under any circumstance whatsoever
-You may use our images to promote our services
-You may use our technical information to better explain the product details
-You may not frame our site or claim it to be your own.
-You will start earning commission following your first affiliate generated sale.
-Your affiliate membership may be revoked at any time, if you violate any of the above regulations

Joining our affiliate program is fast and free. Contact the affiliate manager to have you custom coupon code assigned!