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Top Ten Best High CBD Strains List

Interest in cannabidiol (CBD) strains, extracts and products is growing faster than ever before. As the country’s legal outlook on CBD continues to move in a positive direction, new and different CBD products and delivery methods are staking their claims in this emerging market. This article will summarize what CBD is and how it can improve your health. Following that will be a discussion of CBD strains. You’ll be informed of the best high-CBD strains. Lastly, the article will cover if there’s more CBD in the indica or sativa types of cannabis.

CBD is a cannabinoid, similar to the more well-known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and it can be found in in cannabis plants such as marijuana and hemp. According to Leafly, those two compounds are produced when their respective cannabinoid acids (THCA and CBDA) are synthesized through heat. THC is known for producing a psychoactive “high” that has garnered the compound and the cannabis plant much fame (and infamy) around the world. CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive effect to it; rather, it offers a slew of soothing, calming effects on the mind and body that make it an enticing choice for medicinal and recreational treatments. The majority of people can handle CBD in their systems, with only a few rare reported side effects.

Are There Different Strains of CBD?

Yes, there are many different strains of CBD and their numbers will continue to increase as they are used more extensively in the medical and psychiatric fields as well as the personal and recreational lives of people. “CBD strains” are strains that have higher concentrations of CBD relative to THC. If a strain has a ratio of 1:1 CBD to THC, then the CBD in that strain will significantly inhibit the high that would be produced by that strain’s THC. CBD strains that have 2:1, 2:0 or higher CBD to THC ratios (e.g. 20:1) will produce virtually no high whatsoever.

What Strain Has the Highest CBD?

As mentioned previously, more high CBD low THC strains will be produced in the coming years. There are already CBD strains with very high concentrations of CBD compared to their THC levels. However, it’s likely that even higher concentrations will be produced.

That said, Remedy Review presents the current best CBD strains available. As you’ll see, there’s no one strain that inherently has the highest amount of CBD compared to all of the other strains.

1. Charlotte’s Web
A popular CBD cannabinoid strain that has been produced to have up to a concentration of CBD to THC of 27:1. Has mental and physical benefits such as improved concentration, mood and appetite.
Another well-known CBD product that has been used to treat depression, inflammation, pain and stress. It has very high CBD ratios, with a CBD to THC ratio between 15:1 all the way to 28:1.
3. Cannatonic
Cannatonic is known to increase mood and energy levels, so it’s a great choice for relieving your stress or any built-up anxiety. This strain normally has a ratio of 1:1 in terms of CBD to THC, meaning that there isn’t really a high produced when you use this product. It’s a good choice for those who are new to using cannabis and are wary of the “high” that too much THC would deliver.
4. Remedy
Remedy has a comparable ratio of CBD to THC to Cannatonic, with Remedy being slightly higher in most versions. Actually, it’s a mix of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk. It excels in relaxing the body, soothing muscles and aiding in sleep preparation.
5. Pennywise
Pennywise gives you a bit of the balancing positives of CBD with the euphoric high of THC, as it’s typically 1:1 ratio strain. It’s a mix of the Jack the Ripper and the Harlequin strain.
6. Harlequin
Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain, providing pain relief, improving your mood and your energy levels. This strain tends to have a ratio of 5:2 in terms of CBD to THC, making you feel better overall without the high from the THC.
7. Sour Tsunami
This strain is a mix between NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. Sour Tsunami has a ratio of nearly 1:1, with a slightly higher concentration of THC than some of the strains mentioned above. This means that you should expect to experience a mild high with the calming effects of CBD.
8. Ringo’s Gift
Named for cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo (1956 – 2014), it’s a strain that is normally a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. However, it can be found in CBD to THC ratios of up to 20:1.
9. Trident
Trident is used a medicinal product that is popular for its high CBD ratio to THC. It has versions that have up to 3:1 CBD to THC but some versions can have up to 6% THC. This can cause some of the euphoric high effect that some people and patients want to avoid.
10. Harle-tsu
Harle-tsu is a mix between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. This strain is well-regarded for having a lot of terpenes, a plant oil that can treat issues such as nausea, inflammation and insomnia. Harle-tsu can have CBD to THC ratios close to 20:1 with absolutely no associated high present.

Which has more CBD: Indica or Sativa?

It’s natural for you to wonder if indica or sativa has more CBD. These two types of cannabis are the most popular and marketed kinds. They also tend to have varying levels of THC and CBD within them.

Leafly answers this by using information collected by the cannabis testing laboratory known as Confidence Analytics.

Confidence Analytics tested THC-dominant samples of sativa, indica and hybrid strains for their relative THC levels and tested CBD-dominant samples for their relative CBD levels. Their research showed that sativa produced slightly more THC and indica, 0.4% more. Indica similarly produced slightly more CBD than sativa, about 0.4% more as well. Hybrid strains had more THC and CBD than both sativa and indica strains in each test.

The research shows that neither sativa nor indica have significantly more CBD than the either cannabis type. The relative THC and CBD amounts in a given sativa or indica strain can be quite different amongst products. There simply isn’t a clear-cut winner with regard to indica or sativa containing more CBD overall. The best thing to do is to examine the CBD information for any product you’re purchasing.

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