BE Calm

With Linalool extracted from Lavender for calming, anti-spasmodic, sedating pain management. Alpha pinene extracted from Chamomile for broad spectrum antibiotic properties – highly effective in working synergistically with CBD as an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxietal alternative.

BE Alert

Formulated for a quick, natural energy boost and a clear, alert sense of well-being. Contains Myrcene – extracted from Lemongrass – as a anti-anxietal and anti-insomnial. Ginger derived Citral has anti-spasmodic properties, calms musculo-related tension and sharpens mental focus. Beta Caryophyllene enhances pain management, alertness and inflammation challenges.

BE Clear

With Pugleone extracted from peppermint provides a neural boost, clears synaptic pathways and clears the mind and spurs a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic response.