Topicals with Chinese Medicine

A jar of CBD topical for holistic health with a hemp leaf on top of it

Are you a fan of CBD topicals, and desire the product that’s the most likely to be effective, while also remaining completely natural and holistic?  If so, there is a new trend you might be extremely excited about.  More hemp companies are coming up with brilliant ways to incorporate topical Chinese medicine into their hemp-infused goods. But, if you’re unfamiliar with Chinese medicine, you may be wary of buying such a product.

CBD Topicals

Before we talk about the exciting addition of Chinese medicine into CBD products, we first wanna discuss CBD topicals in an in-depth way, because there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t totally sure how they work.  In short, CBD topicals refer to CBD-based products that are applied to the skin, rather than taken internally. 

The main benefit of using topicals over other methods is that they are ideal for more localized circumstances.  The cannabinoids in the topical are infused into the direct area of application, which means that you’re getting a high concentration in one specific area rather than having the compounds dispersed widely throughout the body.

Topicals are also easy to use because they don’t require an exact dosage, as long as you simply massage enough of the product deep into the skin.  They’re known for working quickly, while also offering long-lasting activation within the cannabinoid receptors.

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is also referred to as ancient Chinese medicine because it’s been used for thousands of years.  Chinese medicine is one of the oldest schools of medicine there is, and remains widely used throughout China, as well as enjoying newfound popularity in Western countries as well.  It relies on the use of herbs and botanicals to treat every type of ailment, whether it be physical or mental.  In the last century, many of these plant-based medicines have been studied in the medical field, which has verified that they can be quite effective.  For one study, it was discovered that many Chinese herbs applied topically to the affected area can help heal small injuries.  Here’s another interesting finding for you.  Researchers found much success applying Chinese medicinal topicals to the knees of osteoarthritic rats.

Popular Topical Ingredients in Chinese Medicine

A lot of the ingredients used in Chinese medicine are herbs that are localized to the region, which are relatively rare here in terms of their cultivation.  However, you may be surprised by the fact that many ingredients used are ones that we’re very familiar with, as well.  For instance, lavender and chamomile are two ingredients found in many Chinese medicine remedies, although they may be referred to by their Chinese names by the manufacturers of these products.

Combining the Two Together

Now that you know about both CBD topicals and Chinese medicine, you can imagine what happens when you put the two together for holistic healing.  Given the research we’ve seen about each of these plant-based products, you can understand why so many people are enjoying using a blend of these ingredients for topical application.  This allows for a totally natural, holistic, and plant-based approach to topical relief, and beyond that, it can offer increased bioavailability as well as a result of the synergistic nature of many of the compounds found within the various plant extracts.

Choosing the Best Product

All that being said, we can’t just say that all CBD topicals containing Chinese herbs are worth your consideration.  As you may know by now, the sad reality is there are a lot of companies out there trying to capitalize on CBD’s popularity and wellness products in general, by producing low-quality goods not potent enough to deliver results, or made with such poor manufacturing methods that their chemical stability is all but destroyed.

How Do You Know What’s Worth Your Money and What’s Not?

Well, there are two easy ways to determine the value of a topical product. 

Method #1: Look for Lab Reports on a Company’s Website

These lab reports come from a third-party and indicate that the compounds in the plant extract have been thoroughly tested for purity and quality.

Method #2: Verifying the Legitimacy of a Topical

This is done by doing some research on the company.  Search through their site to learn about their manufacturing methods, in order to make sure that they’re dedicated to high standards.  Also, don’t forget to look for user reviews.

Final Thoughts

CBD and Chinese medicine can be infused into the world of wellness, assuming that you go through the process of choosing high-quality and legitimate products.  If you’re someone who has been using topicals for a while, and are seeking out how to get more out of every application, consider looking for this unique type of fusion product which gives you a wider array of the holistic health mother nature has to offer.