Isolate Products

What is CBD Isolate?

As you may already know, CBD extracts have been soaring in popularity in recent years due to their anti-inflammatory, anti anxietal, anti spasmodic and anti nauseal (emetic) properties as well as other benefits, according to various studies. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, typically in the form of oil or Isolate, which can then be used in various ways such as topically, in food preparation, or vaping. What is unique about CBD isolate is that the CBD extract is refined to a point that it is essentially pure CBD. This results in a CBD crystal isolate powder that is 99.97% pure pharma-grade CBD. All plant matter, including oils and waxes are removed, resulting in the purest form of CBD for consumption. Also, because the CBD is pure and derived from hemp, you won’t have to worry about THC showing up on a drug test, which can happen with other products.

What is Different About CBD Luxe’s CBD Isolate Products?

When you buy CBD crystal isolate from CBD Luxe, you know you’re only getting a premium organic product. Our CBD isolate products are made from only the finest organic hemp in Colorado. Because it is extracted from the hemp plant, it does not induce any psychoactive effects. Because our isolate is organic, it comes from hemp plants that have not been sprayed with harmful chemicals. You are getting a completely natural product that you can enjoy without worrying about side effects.

How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate can be consumed in multiple ways. This is because all CBD Luxe products are fully decarboxylated. The ways you can use our isolates include vaping, topically, smoking, or eating.

  • Vape the isolate using a vape pen
  • Use the isolate topically by mixing it with your favorite massage oil (heat the oil first for better results)
  • Smoke the isolate by mixing it with your favorite plant product
  • Eat or drink the isolate by using it in your favorite recipe or dissolving it in your favorite beverage

Get your CBD crystal isolate today and start enjoying it however you see fit!