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Why Choose CBD Luxe for Topical and Mouth Spray? 

If you are choosing CBD, you are likely trying to improve your overall health and wellness. You certainly wouldn’t want to put anything in your body that can be harmful or cause negative effects. This is why we put strict quality guidelines in place for the production of all our CBD products. This CBD mouth spray contains only two ingredients, both of which are organic and non-GMO:

Organic CBD Oil

The CBD oil we use in our spray is derived from pharma-grade non-GMO hemp, grown locally and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The quality and purity of our CBD oil is unmatched.

Organic MCT Oil

MCT oil offers an abundance of additional health benefits and is used in our CBD spray because it is a carrier oil and therefore reduces the risk of skin irritation when applied topically. Other reported benefits of MCT oil include weight loss, natural energy, reduced risk of heart disease, and many more.

Lastly, our sublingual spray comes in a heavy duty glass bottle that is specially designed for precision dosing and effective uptake, whether used under the tongue or topically. The bottle delivers a tiny nano size particulate mist using a specialized atomizer. This ensures uptake is fast and efficient, and that there is no waste.

Why Spray CBD Oil Under the Tongue?

The main reason people opt to uptake their CBD using mouth spray under the tongue is that the effects are long lasting compared to other uptake methods. Spraying CBD oil under the tongue is also known as “sublingual” use. While the effects last longer when CBD is used sublingually, it is worth noting that the effects are not felt immediately. Rather, you should begin to feel the effects within 15 minutes of spraying it under your tongue.

In order for to experience the full effects of the CBD oil, it is recommended to keep it under your tongue for around 90 seconds before swallowing. After 90 seconds is up, swallow and you will maximize the benefits of the CBD.

Using CBD Oil Topically

In addition to using our CBD oil sublingually, it can be applied topically by spraying it directly on your skin and rubbing it in using a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. Because MCT oil is added as a carrier oil, it is unlikely for the oil to cause any skin irritation.

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