Advanced Medical Massage Inc

Advanced Medical Massage Inc

Since 2004, Advanced Medical Massage, Inc. has been providing wellness education, products, and services to Walled Lake and the surrounding Michigan communities. Located right off Decker Road, Advanced Medical Massage is open to the public, but for a massage, you’ll need an appointment. This is because the healing massages here are well-known and very desired within the community. People come to Advanced Medical Massage to help with a wide range of chronic conditions as well as general health and wellness. Customers rave about the level of care they receive upon entering the facility.

Because Advanced Medical Massage knows so much about wellness, they choose CBD Luxe as one of their go-to brands for providing the finest quality CBD products to their customers. Whether you’re in for a massage or other treatment, or just passing by, stop in and stock up on CBD Luxe!

Contact Information
1759 Ashstan Dr, Walled Lake, MI, Michigan 48390
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