Cosmic Depot

Cosmic Depot

The Cosmic Depot was established in 1998 in Bend, Oregon. It is the vision of Christy Graham, owner and operator, and the product of the hard work of herself as well as many past and present employees, friends and  family. It is ever-changing entity, a shop with a soul. It is the place you go where  people are happy to see you, ready to help you enjoy your shopping experience as much or as little as you need,  and where you see so many cool things you hardly know where to begin! The Cosmic Depot has the heart of a nomad, reflected in the products made all over the globe that stock our shelves. Silver jewelry from Thailand, tapestries from India, wind chimes from the Philippines, wooden boxes from Poland, and hand  blown glass from right here in Oregon are just a few of our worldly offerings.

We specialize in all things esoteric and have real passion for natural stones.  We stock books, tarot, oracle cards and other spiritual tools.  We also have a full line of singing bowls and inspiring greeting cards.

The Cosmic Depot is filled with all kinds of sparkly jewlery for both men and women.  Our jewelry is hand picked and the prices can’t be beat.

Set foot through our door and you will enjoy a fragrance reminiscent of the ’60s  yesteryear. We stock our 200 types of incense and so many cool holders it is hard  to see them all. We also carry a fine selection of fragrance and essential oils and  diffusers. We are often asked what smells so good. Everything! We are always happy to make a recommendation based on your preferences.

Fairies, dragons, butterflies and gargoyles represent at the Cosmic Depot.  Every fantasy fanatic through our doors find wonder in our selection of hard to find, must have figurines and other whimsical creations.

The Cosmic Depot will capture your imagination and embrace your inner smile. Join us soon at our location in Bend.  We would love to welcome you to Bend’s one stop happy shop!

Contact Information
342 Northeast Clay Avenue, Bend, OR, USA, Oregon 97701
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