Josh Campuzano

Josh Campuzano

Lantana, FL is a quiet stretch of coastal land in South Florida, between the bustling beach towns of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. A favorite vacation destination, Lantana has hosted hundreds of thousands of tourists along with its current population of 10,500. People come to Lantana to catch some rays, enjoy water sports, relax on the beach, and dine at waterfront restaurants and bars.

Because of its year-round sun and warmth, as well as the nearby beaches, Lantana and the rest of South Florida are known to have people that care about their health and wellness. After all, they have to look good in a bathing suit. This is why South Florida ships in the finest quality CBD products, along with a host of other wellness products from across the country and around the globe. Be on the lookout for CBD Luxe products next time you visit Lantana!

Contact Information
1402 S. Dixie Highway 1229, Lantana, FL, US, Florida 33462
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