If you’re thinking about CBD or other cannabis-derived products, Colorado usually comes to mind first. This is because Colorado was the first state in the United Stages to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, setting a precedent that was many states quickly followed and continue to follow. Colorado has since become the epicenter for innovation in the cannabis market, with the cannabis business growing into new and exciting innovations and providing a huge chunk of revenue to the state of Colorado.

Colorado also happens to be where CBD Luxe was founded and is still based. All of the cannabis we use to derive CBD for our variety of products is grown locally, right here in Colorado. What better place to shop for CBD products than right in Denver, Colorado’s most well-known city and home of the Broncos, Avalanche, and Rockies. Next time you’re in town for a game or a unique culinary experience, stop in Parsnips to see what CBD Luxe products are currently available.

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