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CBD Luxe produces high quality CBD Inhalers for sale. Our CBD Inhalers offer Precision dosing, quality ingredients and predictable efficacy. Made from Colorado certified hemp!
CBD Inhaler
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The Best CBD Inhalers with Product Features You’re Gonna Love…

Precision dosing, quality ingredients, predictable efficacy…we BElieve these should be the minimum expectations of anyone purchasing cannabis centric products. That’s why BE LABS and CBD LUXE set out to create 3 Inhaler blends formulated for specific needs with natural results you can trust.

BE Discreet

Take our CBD:THC inhalers everywhere and use them anywhere. There’s never any smoke, or smell, or additional materials needed to consume.

BE Precise

Precise dosing in every use. You’ll find an exact dosing of 8.0 mg of active cannabinoid in each spray, and 2.0 mg of HFA 134 A pharma grade air propellant.

BE Natural

Discover pure CBD Distillate made from quality, Colorado Certified Hemp & Non-GMO Organic Certified terpenes for added health benefits.

BE Yourself

Find an Inhaler that works best for your personal needs. Whether you’re looking to Be Calm, Be Clear, or Be Alert, CBDLuxe has you covered. 

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3 Inhaler Blends For Your Breathing Pleasure…

Choose the Inhaler that’s perfect for you.

BE Calm

With Linalool extracted from Lavender for calming, anti-spasmodic, sedating pain management. Alpha pinene extracted from Chamomile for broad spectrum antibiotic properties – highly effective in working synergistically with CBD as an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxietal alternative.

BE Alert

Formulated for a quick, natural energy boost and a clear, alert sense of well-being. Contains Myrcene – extracted from Lemongrass – as a anti-anxietal and anti-insomnial. Ginger derived Citral has anti-spasmodic properties, calms musculo-related tension and sharpens mental focus. Beta Caryophyllene enhances pain management, alertness and inflammation challenges.

BE Clear

With Pugleone extracted from peppermint provides a neural boost, clears synaptic pathways and clears the mind and spurs a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic response.

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