The Turnip Truck

THE TURNIP TRUCK EXISTS TO NOURISH OUR COMMUNITIES BY OFFERING THE HIGHEST QUALITY LOCAL, NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOOD AVAILABLE. FOUNDED BY JOHN DYKE IN 2001, the Turnip Truck is Nashville’s only full service, locally owned natural foods grocer. Our farming roots run through every facet of the store’s operations. We believe in the simple, timeless power of ethically grown, locally harvested food. With two stores in the heart of Nashville, Turnip Truck brings the seasonal bounty of area farms to our neighbors in the city. We offer the freshest natural, local and organic foods available in this region. By sourcing as much food as possible from local farmers, we are investing in the future of our food supply.
We have a full COLD SALAD BAR with Organic and Natural selections, a variety of healthy light salads, vegetables, cheeses, seeds, proteins, fruits, granolas, etc.
A daily fresh HOT BAR featuring a number of selections to fit with your special dietary needs including: paleo, low carb, vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian.

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