Why Choose CBD Face Cream?

A woman putting her finger in a jar of CBD face cream

The beauty industry and the CBD industry have a couple of things in common.  One, they encourage self-care rituals that make us feel good, while reducing stress levels in a way that can be extremely beneficial.  Also, they’re both science-based industries that are constantly evolving to better meet even the most personalized needs.  And they are both enormously popular, being more successful with each passing year due to the value that they provide to consumers.

All that considered, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that these two industries have recently enjoyed a marriage within the market.  Today, CBD beauty products are quickly becoming just as popular as the various hemp-based gummies, tinctures, and other goods that you find when you’re trying to create a new wellness regimen.  That’s why CBD face creams are easily at the top of our list.

What CBD Topicals Can Provide

CBD topicals allow for a unique type of delivery method; one which never actually gets processed internally by the body.  When we apply a topical hemp product, we’re only providing localized cannabinoid receptors with CBD and other hemp compounds.  The skin naturally contains cannabinoid receptors that stimulate regulation within the various skin layers, which is why so many people use this type of product for acne, inflammation, irritation, anti-aging and even pain. 

CBD skincare is a relatively new submarket, but you’ve likely come across other types of topicals in the past, such as ointments, massage oils, balms and lotions intended for the body.

CBD in Skincare: How it Works

Like we said, there are plenty of cannabinoid receptors found in the skin, and what these receptors do is take cannabinoids like CBD and use them to regulate important skin functions.  This is how CBD is capable of doing what it does within the body, as we all have an endocannabinoid system which consists of these important receptors.

There are numerous properties of CBD which have been researched over the years.  A major one is inflammation.  Skin inflammation can present itself in the form of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dryness.  Another exciting property found within CBD is its antioxidant levels.  Antioxidants directly benefit the skin by fighting free radicals that trigger skin cell damage, which can accelerate the physical signs of aging while simply making skin look dull and lifeless.

Because of the unique role of the skin’s cannabinoid receptors, it seems that applying CBD directly to the skin allows these receptors to regulate all aspects of skin behavior.  For this reason, CBD skincare products may be able to tackle a wide range of common complaints with a small amount of product applied regularly.

Why CBD Face Cream Can Provide Longer-Lasting Results

So, what makes CBD face cream unique from other hemp-based skincare products?  Well, think about how you apply it compared to other formulas.  With a cleanser, the active ingredients don’t get a chance to fully absorb into the skin, because we rinse the product off quickly.  The same goes for exfoliators and face masks.

Face creams, however, are specially designed to absorb deep within the skin tissue and are meant to stay on rather than get rinsed off shortly after application.  This means that using a CBD face cream provides you with the best chance of those cannabinoids actually contacting the cannabinoid receptors found within the skin, as opposed to other methods.

But, of course, that doesn’t mean that all CBD face creams are created equally.  CBD skincare is a trend, and like all trends, you’re going to find some bad apples in the form of products made by cheap manufacturers just looking to make some money off of the current fad.  The good news is that it’s really not that hard to differentiate between high and low-quality CBD face creams, or other skincare products for that matter.

One crucial component to making a smart purchase is looking for a company that has a good reputation.  Look for online reviews, and research the company’s manufacturing processes, while also checking for third-party lab reports from an unbiased facility.  Then, read through the list of ingredients to make sure that there is an adequate amount of CBD in the formula.  You’ll also want to make sure that the ingredients besides CBD are up to par.  Make sure that they are not comedogenic, and check for any ingredients that may cause irritation, or that you may happen to be sensitive to.

To get the most out of a CBD face cream, we suggest using it at least once a day – twice a day is, in fact, better, as the skin requires a lot more moisture than many of us realize.  Massage the formula into the skin deeply on a clean face, because if the skin is not cleaned properly, it may have layers of dirt and oil that prevent the formula from fully absorbing. 

CBD Face Creams are a Worthy Investment

It’s a good way to improve your skin while also providing it with high-quality hemp cannabinoids.  These days, there are many unique formulas to choose from, each bringing something unique to the table.  However, if you’re going to invest in a CBD face cream, make sure it is made with properly extracted, lab-tested hemp and ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin.