BE Clean and BE Calm with CBD Luxe

Five bottles of CBD Luxe hand sanitizer effective at cleaning hands and preventing germs

Who would have thought that in 2020, one of the most sought-after items would be hand sanitizer? But the fact of the matter is that the threat of a major pandemic has made this one of the most in-demand household items in the world.

As you surely know, not all hand sanitizers are created equally. While there are some great ones out there, they don’t all comply with standards put in place by reputable health organizations. This is why those seeking out a hand sanitizer product must know exactly what to look for, in order to ensure that they’re actually effectively killing harmful germs.

At CBD Luxe, we’re extremely proud of our hand sanitizer formula that combines an effective, compliant formula with natural ingredients known to provide plant properties that can be extremely beneficial and useful.

CBD Luxe Hand Sanitizers

When we set out to produce our hand sanitizer formula, we took the needs of our customers very seriously. Unlike other hemp products that are available on the market today, hand sanitizers must be compliant with major organizations, and must be effective at killing germs in order to ensure that we can maintain healthy immune systems.

Kills 80% of Harmful Germs

Our hand sanitizers have been tested repeatedly in order to ensure that they kill germs effectively. A quality hand sanitizer must be able to kill bacteria and viruses quickly so that they don’t spread. Ours is made up of 80 percent ethyl alcohol, which kills these germs instantaneously. Most household hand sanitizers only contain 60 percent of this ingredient, meaning that ours is easily one of the most effective that you can find today.

Moisturizing Rather than Drying for Sensitive Hands

One complaint that we hear often about hand sanitizers is that they dry out the hands to the point that the skin begins cracking and flaking. Obviously, no one wants to deal with such an unpleasant side effect. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into developing a formula that actually moisturizes hands – yes, you read that right. Despite the high alcohol content of our hand sanitizers, they will ensure that your hands remain soft and overall healthy. We do this primarily with the help of aloe vera, a profoundly hydrating and moisturizing plant that can soothe irritation while ensuring that the skin doesn’t dry out.

Loaded with Beneficial Plant Properties

That’s not all that we put into our hand sanitizers. For instance, tea tree oil is a highly effective germ-killer that can also calm down irritation caused by exposure to certain viruses, or inflammation. We also use white willow bark, a useful pain reliever that can soothe muscles. And, we offer both a non-CBD and CBD formula. The CBD formula is made with lab-tested hemp extract and provides the cannabinoid receptors in your skin with the hemp compounds that can be extremely useful.


Not all hand sanitizers are exactly kid-friendly, as they can contain ingredients that can be dangerous to ingest and can be irritating to young skin. Our formula was specially be designed to be used by people of all ages, including small children.

Free of THC

The CBD hand sanitizer formula is free of THC, which means that you won’t need to worry about applying this cannabinoid to your body, if you’re concerned about it for professional or personal reasons.

Lab-Tested Hemp

We have all of our hemp tested by a third-party lab, as we believe in being transparent with our customers. This means that you can see for yourself that the hemp we use is high in quality thanks to its purity level, chemical composition and potency. Simply look for lab reports on our website to learn more about the hemp that we use in complete detail.

Compliant with FDA, WHO and CDC Standards

The FDA, WHO and CDC all have guidelines and standards when it comes to hand sanitizer products. If a product is going to state that it’s capable of killing germs in order to keep the body safe, it had better be legitimately effective, not to mention safe to use over a long period of time. We are proud to present to our customers a formula that is compliant with standards and regulations that have been set forth by all three organizations. This means that you can trust that our hand sanitizers really get the job done.

Keeping Your Hands Germ-Free and Feeling Smooth When It Matters Most

If you’re looking for the perfect hand sanitizer formula to get you through the months ahead, check out the options at CBD Luxe. Available in CBD and non-CBD varieties, these hand sanitizers are gentle on the hands, highly effective and perfectly compliant with major health organizations.