How Could CBD Help Manage Someone’s Blood Pressure?

A blood pressure gauge used to study the effects of CBD on blood pressure

When’s the last time someone told you to watch your blood pressure? Was it when you were feeling angry?  Stressed?  This common phrase is a lot more serious than you may think, as millions of Americans struggle with high blood pressure which needs to be managed carefully to avoid potentially dangerous complications relating to their health.  High blood pressure is now considered an epidemic in our country, but it is treatable.

Today, we’ll be talking about a new way in which people are trying to take blood pressure matters into their own hands, and it’s CBD.  Yes – the same CBD that you might use for stress or aches and pains has the potential to manage high blood pressure.  If the CBD effect on blood pressure sounds crazy to you, then it’s time to discuss exactly what happens to the body when we consume CBD, which explains why it seems to have so many potential uses.

Blood Pressure and Your Health

Blood pressure refers to the pressure of blood against the walls of the blood vessels.  It fluctuates throughout the day, and you may have even felt this fluctuation.  For instance, sometimes if we stand up too fast or get dehydrated, our blood pressure reduces.  When we’re feeling stressed, our blood pressure can rise quickly.  Relatively moderate fluctuations are normal and part of being human.  But, when blood pressure is consistently high, that can be a real problem.

High blood pressure can cause serious cardiovascular problems due to its effects on the blood vessels.  It can actually lead to aneurysms, heart attack and stroke if it’s severe enough.  And, it can cause all kinds of symptoms like headaches, memory loss, chest pain, dizziness and breathlessness.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Research shows us that people can be genetically predisposed to the condition.  However, there are a number of unique factors that can contribute to, or potentially aggravate it.  Stress is a common cause of high blood pressure, due to the way in which cortisol changes the pressure in our blood.  Dietary issues can also be to blame, as a poor diet can raise the blood pressure.  A lack of exercise is yet another factor that can play a role.  There are also various underlying conditions and medications that can cause high blood pressure to develop.

How High Blood Pressure is Usually Treated

High blood pressure is usually treated in the beginning with lifestyle changes.  Certain foods may be cut out, certain supplements may be introduced, exercise may become a more frequent occurrence and stress levels will need to be managed.  If the problem persists, a doctor will likely prescribe medications that manage blood pressure throughout the body.

CBD and High Blood Pressure

CBD is the leading compound in the hemp plant, and it’s one of many cannabinoids native to the species.  Cannabinoids support our endocannabinoid system, which is a series of cannabinoid receptors found all throughout the body which take cannabinoids like CBD and use them to produce chemical changes which regulate bodily processes.  Cannabinoid receptors exist in the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, and so they regulate these systems’ functions, with blood pressure being one of them.

A study found that a single dose of CBD lowers the blood pressure safely and naturally.  The CBD blood pressure study was performed on a number of human test subjects, and the results were widespread.  CBD also is known for having effects on cortisol production, which can potentially lower stress levels so that they are less likely to interfere with blood pressure.

Using CBD Specifically for Blood Pressure

So, how can CBD be used for managing high blood pressure?  Well, first we urge you to talk to your doctor before using CBD specifically for this condition.  Your doctor is aware of your medical history and current treatments and can give you the best methods for taking CBD.  Further, he or she will likely wish that you continue your current treatment while adding CBD to your regimen.

CBD comes in various delivery methods, and you can choose any one other than topical CBD, which will not likely have a major impact on blood pressure due to its localized application.  The choice is yours as it really is about personal preference.  We do recommend, however, that you select a milligram strength that reflects the severity of your condition, as higher milligram strengths offer more potency per dose.

Strive to take a dose of CBD once a day at the same time.  The endocannabinoid system seems to use CBD most efficiently when receiving it consistently and frequently.  You can wait two weeks after starting to decide whether or not to increase the amount or make any other kind of change to your routine, under the guidance of your doctor.

High Blood Pressure Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Especially, if left untreated.  Good news is that treatments are available.  Those who prefer a more holistic and natural approach may want to get their hands on some CBD.  At CBD Luxe, we carry a wide variety of CBD products in the forms of tincture types, topicals, inhalers, and even vape pens.