CBD & Massage: A New Holistic Approach

Woman enjoying the benefits of a CBD oil massage using topicals from CBD Luxe

Let’s talk self-care for a moment.  Few will argue that there is nothing more relaxing and indulgent than a well-executed massage that gets rid of those pesky, daily aches and pains while soothing the mind in ways that go beyond the ability to describe.  Getting a massage used to be seen as an unnecessary luxury, but as we become more and more wellness-focused as a society, we’re starting to see that this practice can actually greatly enhance our overall well-being, both physically and mentally, to improve our quality of life immensely.

Sure, massages are great on their own, especially when your massage therapist really knows how to get into those painful knots and make all of that tension melt away.  There’s a new and quickly growing trend though in the massage industry, and it’s CBD.  Many of us already use CBD routinely because of its unique properties that affect the mind and body.  But combining CBD with the power of massage seems like a match made in heaven.

Benefits of Massage

A lot of people have a fairly limited concept of what massage can do for you.  They may think that massage is only really useful for those who have some sort of injury and require help getting their muscles back into a comfortable state.  Or, perhaps they think that a massage is a superficial form of relaxation with no real long-term benefits.  Both of these attitudes are ultimately false.

Yes, massage can help relax the mind and body, while helping with muscle tension and knots.  However, it’s about so much more than that.  For one thing, massage is proven to dramatically reduce stress levels by triggering processes within the nervous system that actually change hormonal secretions, reducing cortisol while raising serotonin levels, which can do everything from calm anxiety to enhance sleep.  We know that stress can lead to a wide range of potentially serious complications, and so its relaxing potential is nothing to scoff at.

And, yes, massage can definitely help a person manage pain.  This isn’t just in the short term.  A high-quality massage can eliminate muscle knots that lead to muscular tissue damage and joint dysfunction if left untreated.  Therefore, anyone struggling with aches and pains can enjoy serious benefits as a result of regular massage.

But that’s not all.  Massage can help stimulate lymphatic drainage, which is the body’s natural mechanism for eliminating waste and toxins as a cleansing process.  It can benefit circulation as well, while improving digestion, cardiovascular health, and even immune health.  After all, massage has been around for thousands of years.  Clearly, there is more to it than what many of us believe.

Using CBD to Take Your Massage to New and Calming Heights

Two of the most common uses for CBD are stress relief and pain relief.  These are two of the most frequent goals when getting a massage, as well.  So, it makes perfect sense to put the combine them in order to enhance the overall experience.

Because of what we know about CBD, more and more massage therapists are using CBD-infused topicals.  These are topical products that are massaged into the skin to promote beneficial changes within the body.  CBD feeds the body’s endocannabinoid system, which uses cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body to force regulation of processes that keep us healthy and functional.  Cannabinoid receptors are found within the skin and muscles, as well as every bodily organ and system.  Providing these receptors with CBD allows these crucial regulatory actions to take place so that we can walk away with a more enhanced sense of well-being.

Maybe you already use CBD topicals to help with some sort of localized issue.  If so, you know that they can be quite fast-acting and useful.  So, imagine all of the things that you love about CBD topicals, but applied to your body in the form of a massage.  Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Using the CBD Topicals at CBD Luxe to Enhance Your Massage Routine

If you’re in need of some serious relaxation or some other form of relief, we highly recommend getting a massage with the added bonus of some topical CBD.  Today, lots of massage therapists offer this option, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring a CBD topical with you to your next appointment and ask your massage therapist to use it on your skin during the session.  Also, if you live with a loved one, you can ask them to do the work so that you don’t even have to pay to get a traditional massage from a licensed therapist.

If you’re going to incorporate CBD topicals into your routine, however, it’s important that you use the best that’s available on the market.  CBD Luxe topicals are made to be used for therapeutic purposes, as they’re formulated in a way that puts them in a unique category of hemp-based goods.  In other words, we’re not just adding some CBD to a basic, chemical-filled formula.  Each ingredient used is carefully sourced in an effort to ensure you’re only applying wellness-boosting ingredients to your body.


Our most popular topicals are our Be Fire – Salve and our Be Ice – Salve.  Both salves boast formulas made to melt into the skin on contact, aiding in the absorption process while being extremely easy to spread around, without leaving behind a greasy residue. 

What makes these salves unique from other topical solutions is that they offer the enhanced benefits of thermotherapy.  Be Fire uses plant-based ingredients to create a natural warming sensation that boosts circulation while stimulating analgesic effects that can instantly improve pain and discomfort.  Be Ice uses the power of menthol to cool the affected areas on contact while offering a relieving numbing sensation that helps with all types of pain.

Massage Oils

We offer four massage oils: EUCALYPTUS, LAVENDER, CHAMOMILE and NATURAL. Each is made specifically for this type of application.  They all contain a unique blend of essential oils for aromatherapeutic benefits, while using the highest-quality broad spectrum CBD extract that’s available.

CBD Luxe Massage Oils utilize a complex, relaxing blend of the finest oils available and 0% THC, Phyto cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil. A perfect, nut free blend of jojoba, safflower, grapeseed, apricot and peach kernel oils. Contains 100% all-natural ingredients enriched with sea algae and green tea extracts (derived using sustainable eco-friendly production processes). Being totally hydrophobic means, it washes off skin and out of clothes and fabrics with H2O fast and easy.

CBD Luxe’s massage oils check-off all the boxes. From scent to absorption, to lubrication, you get to experience the best qualities of a variety of different massage oils all in one.

Get that CBD Massage You So Deserve!

If you want to enjoy a CBD massage, check out the amazing collection of CBD Luxe topical solutions.  We offer a wide variety of formulas that are ideal for massaging into the skin.