CBD Oil Potential Advantages for: Weight Loss, Obesity, and Diabetes

Chart showing the effects of CBD on weight loss

When we talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight, rarely are we fixating on the desire to look a certain way in order to fit in with societal standards.  Weight plays a critical role in our overall health, with those who are overweight being at higher risk of all types of physical complications and ailments that can potentially become deadly if left untreated.

As we all know, maintaining a healthy body weight is easier said than done.  There are many reasons for being overweight, and unfortunately, the myth persists that those who have excess body weight are simply lazy, and don’t eat right.  We now know that being overweight can be caused by all kinds of factors, ranging from a thyroid issue to genetics.

The matter remains that being overweight can put your health at risk. Hence, it’s important to consistently seek out treatment that can help you get to a healthier body weight.

Now, maybe you think that CBD is just a fad, like most wellness products that came before it.  But, as you will see, CBD is extremely unique in terms of how it works with the human body, making it quite different from other plant-based “remedies” that you may have tried in the past. 

We’ll talk about this unique nature thoroughly through various CBD weight loss stories, while helping you apply it to your personal weight-related goals. There is also a potentially serious link between obesity and diabetes, which further reflects the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight through natural and safe means that will be further touched upon here.

The Link Between Obesity and Diabetes

In America today, over 1.9 billion adults are overweight, meaning that their body mass index is above what is considered to be both healthy and average.  Of those 1.9 billion, 650 million are obese, which means that they have an abnormal amount of excess body fat.  And, 100 million Americans currently have some form of a diabetic condition.  There is a large overlap between the two conditions, with 85 percent of diabetics being overweight, and 30 percent of overweight Americans having diabetes.

The more a person weighs, the higher their chances are of developing diabetes, and having relatively serious complications associated with the disease.  This is because being overweight changes the way in which the body’s metabolism functions, which causes the chances that are conducive to diabetes.  For those who don’t know, diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are too high, putting the person at risk of major complications that affect the body. 

There are two types of diabetes: diabetes Type 1 and diabetes Type 2. 

  • Type 1 sufferers produce too little insulin within the pancreas.
  • Type 2 sufferers have excessively high blood sugar and too little insulin.  Insulin is required to help the body properly break down sugar, so without it, the body remains in a state in which the blood sugar struggles to achieve normal levels.

How These Conditions are Commonly Treated

There are various approaches one can take to losing weight, which largely depend on the particular reasons for being overweight.  All overweight individuals should strive to exercise regularly while eating a healthy diet.  Other changes may need to be made, however.  For instance, if being overweight is related to an underlying illness or a medication, a doctor will need to create a more specialized treatment with those factors in mind.

Diabetes is usually maintained through dietary changes as well.  The key is to avoid foods and beverages that cause an accumulation of sugar in the body.  Exercise may also have a positive effect on diabetics by changing the body’s metabolic processes.  And, more severe cases of diabetes will need to be treated with medications, including insulin.

CBD Oil and How it Works in the Body

CBD works in the body by supporting the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in the function of every bodily system through regulatory actions.  The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors located all throughout the body, including every major organ and tissue.  These receptors receive cannabinoids from the hemp compounds in CBD oil, which triggers these regulatory effects.

In terms of weight and diabetes, CBD may have a fairly direct effect according to CBD weight loss research.  Cannabinoid receptors are found in the pancreas, where insulin is produced, within the digestive tract, within the brain, thyroid, fat tissue and every other area that plays a role in weight as well as diabetes.  As these receptors regulate bodily processes, giving them CBD may support their natural ability to function more efficiently.

Studies on CBD and Diabetes and Weight

Various studies have shown potential usefulness of CBD when given to those who are overweight.  It seems that CBD may aid in weight loss by regulating the function of the metabolism, while reducing inflammation in white adipose tissue, which is the fatty tissue that accumulates to cause excessive fat in the body.  There have also been findings displaying that CBD may regulate blood sugar levels and insulin production thanks to its regulatory nature.

Taking CBD to Manage Weight and Diabetes

If you’re looking to CBD for these specific issues, we recommend going with a trusted brand that produces high-quality products, and opting for a higher-than-average milligram strength.  CBD seems to work best when it’s taken daily.  Choose an internal delivery method such as a tincture or a capsule, which allows the cannabinoids to be dispersed throughout the body as needed.  And, lastly, make sure to speak with your doctor before starting CBD as a potential treatment.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, CBD is absolutely worth a try if you’re trying to treat yourself for a weight-related issue.  There have been some fascinating studies over the years, and we also know that CBD is nontoxic and can be taken daily.  Use this guide to go about it in the best manner to have the best results possible.