Should CBD Lotion Still Be Applied if You Get Sunburn?

A man with CBD hemp oil lotion on his back for sunburn relief

It’s just past the middle of the summer, which means that many of us are still spending as many hours as we can enjoying some fun in the sun. Whether we’re at a beach, a park or in the comfort of our own backyard, we can find the perfect sunny spot to bask in that nice, warm light. But, as we all know, too much of anything can be a bad thing, and this is certainly the case with sunshine.

Many of us are prone to sunburns if we spend too much time in direct sunlight, and sunburns can range in severity, from mildly uncomfortable to downright painful. This means that if we have a sunburn, we have to be careful to take extra care of our skin until it heals.

But, what about those of us who use topical CBD each day? Can applying CBD to a sunburn prevent it from healing fully? Well, let’s see what science has to say, because the answer may surprise you.

What is a Sunburn?

A sunburn is a type of skin injury caused by overexposure to the harsh UV rays that are emitted from the sun. Sunburns cause the skin to become extremely inflamed, with symptoms including redness, flakiness, and extreme sensitivity. Despite being painful, most sunburns are benign and go away easily after a few days. However, in rare cases, a sunburn may be severe and require medical attention.

Can CBD Make a Sunburn Worse?

CBD is cannabidiol derived from hemp oil, and it’s a cannabinoid, meaning that it binds with cannabinoid receptors in the body. When applied to the skin, CBD binds with the cannabinoid receptors of the skin and muscles, which allows processes pertaining to these systems to become regulated. This is why topical CBD has become so popular – besides its regulatory effects, it allows us to concentrate all of that cannabidiol onto one problem area of the body.

But does that make it the right choice following a sunburn? Well, CBD on its own is not irritating, and is not known to cause inflammation. The only case in which CBD could negatively impact sunburnt skin would be if the formula had some sort of harsh, irritating ingredients that are unrelated to the cannabidiol itself.

Can CBD Help with a Sunburn?

The good news is that CBD may actually play a role in helping a sunburn heal. Because sunburn is an inflammatory response, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may be useful. Besides helping with the redness and pain, anti-inflammatories help the skin heal so that you can say goodbye to that peeling appearance. Furthermore, CBD has analgesic properties known to numb pain.

How to Use CBD if You Have a Sunburn

If you have a sunburn for which you want to turn to topical, such as lotion or balm, CBD in an effort to find relief, simply buy a topical that has a clean formula that’s free of harsh, irritating ingredients. Make sure that the milligram strength is on the higher side, as this indicates a more potent CBD product. Apply your topical twice each day, ensuring that the entire sunburned area is covered in an even layer which is massaged deeply into the skin.

Enjoy the Summer Still with Your Favorite CBD Luxe Topicals

Sunburns can be quite painful, and it goes without saying that those of us with more severe reactions require some form of topical relief. Luckily, cannabidiol has unique properties that may play a role in managing pain and discomfort caused by a sunburn, as well as that peeling, flaking skin that’s unsightly. So, there is no need to put aside your precious cannabidiol after spending a few too many hours outdoors this summer. In fact, you can slather it on to your heart’s content.