Is it Safe to Use Different CBD Products on the Same Day?

A collection of CBD products that are safe to use together

Many people maintain a daily hemp routine that consists of a particular delivery method that suits their preferences. But, as we all go about our CBD shopping journey, a lot of us find that we come across a new product that we would like to incorporate into our daily wellness routine. Many customers ask us whether or not it’s advisable to use different CBD products on the same day.

Reasons for Using More Than One CBD Product in a Day

Maybe you’re wondering why someone would even be interested in using multiple CBD products within a single day. After all, why not just increase the amount of the product that they’re already taking? Well, one thing that we know about CBD is that each delivery method has its own unique effects. For instance, when we consume a CBD edible, the effects are felt more subtly, take longer before becoming effective in the system, and can provide several hours of effectiveness. Meanwhile, a product such as a CBD inhaler is extremely fast-acting and felt very potently, and can be a bit short-lived. Further, CBD topicals can target a specific area of the body in a way that no other CBD delivery method can.

Therefore, it makes sense that some users feel that to better tackle something specific, multiple delivery methods are beneficial. For instance, they may choose to consume an edible early on in the day to maintain a nice base level of hemp in the system, but use an inhaler throughout the day as needed to enjoy a quick boost of hemp compounds when their body desires it.

What the Experts Say

So, can you use more than one CBD product within a 24-hour window? According to experts, that’s perfectly fine. It’s important to bear in mind that CBD is considered nontoxic to the human body. This means that a person can’t overdose on it in the way that they can many other things that we consume on a regular basis. Excess CBD simply gets stored by the endocannabinoid system for later use.

And, two or more different delivery methods won’t counteract each other’s effectiveness. So, any combination of delivery methods is completely fine.

Key Factors

Now, let’s break down the key factors to keep in mind before deciding to add another type of CBD product to your daily routine.

Timing is Everything

Each delivery method has its own unique onset time and window during which the effects can be felt. This means that you’ll want to time your different intakes according to your needs. In other words, if you wish to, for instance, have the CBD peak at bedtime, you’d take, in theory, a tincture about 30 minutes before going to bed, and an inhaler right as you are about to turn out the lights.

Pay Attention to the Milligram Strength

Obviously, the milligram strength of each product you’re taking can have a lot to do with how you feel after combining products. So, pay close attention to each one to make sure that you’re giving your body an amount of CBD that’s in line with your personal needs and preferences.

Make Sure Each Product is High in Quality and from a Reputable Brand

You’ll also want to ensure that each CBD product you take is equally high in quality, and made by a trustworthy manufacturer. You can take several CBD products in one day, but if each one is low in quality, you still won’t enjoy the full potential that hemp has to offer, even in high doses.

Note That Different Types of Hemp Extract Can Yield Different Results

Also, pay attention to the type of hemp extract used – whether it’s full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate. Each type of extract can produce its own unique effects, which can largely determine whether or not you enjoy your overall experience.

What You Can Take

As it stands, for the most part, it can be considered completely safe to enjoy multiple CBD products within a 24-hour period. This means that you can enjoy a nice variety of delivery methods as you so wish. Just use the tips above to make sure that you get the most out of this experience.