Vaping Illness Tied to a Chemical NOT Found in Pharma-Grade CBD Vape Products

Vaping Illness Tied to a Chemical NOT Found in Organic CBD Vape Products

There has been a great deal of hysteria in the news as of late, implicating general vaping in a series of illnesses. The problem with this sensationalized coverage is that it casts a wide net over vaping in general, while it is now apparent that it these illnesses are related to a very specific chemical.

As reported by News 12 Connecticut, the culprit in the vaping illness outbreak is actually vitamin E acetate, which is found in e-cigarettes and some other vaping devices. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “We are in a better place in terms of having one very strong culprit”, following new studies that found this chemical as the common factor in vape-related illnesses.

Vitamin E acetate has been used as a thickening agent in vaping fluid, most notably in black market cartridges. This substance becomes sticky when vaped and can therefore stay in the lungs, causing damage.

What does this mean for people who vape CBD oil? Well, it is important to know what you are vaping whenever you try a new vape product. CBD Luxe vape pens use only pharma-grade, third-party lab tested CBD isolate and contain absolutely NO vitamin E acetate. Our products are carefully crafted to promote health and wellness based on the most recent scientific discoveries. Rest assured that if you are using any CBD Luxe products, you are safe from vitamin E acetate.

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