CBD Inhalers: A New, Easier Method for Taking CBD

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If you have been part of the CBD community for a while, you’ve likely tried out a variety of delivery methods by now, including your standard tinctures, topicals, edibles and vaping goods. But, there is a new delivery method in town, and we’re going to boldly say that it might one of the most exciting to hit the market so far.

CBD oil inhalers utilize the most advanced technology to provide a more bioavailable, potent, consistent and user-friendly experience while you enjoy your daily dose of CBD. Made with top-notch ingredients, high standards of quality and cutting-edge techniques, these inhalers may become your new go-to option for getting in that daily dose of exceptional hemp.

The CBD Inhalers at CBD Luxe: What They are and How They Work

So, what is a CBD inhaler? Well, picture a standard inhaler, with a big difference: each puff gives you a generous dose of CBD – full spectrum hemp, to be more precise. Inhalers are without a doubt going to be taking over the hemp industry in the years to come, and we developed ours to be ahead of the curve and provide our customers with one of the most efficient ways to delivery hemp compounds to the body possible.

Fast-Acting Thanks to Micell Nanotechnology

Our inhalers are fast-acting. In fact, you can feel the hemp compounds peaking in the system nearly instantaneously. How did we do this? Well, for one thing, we all know that inhaling CBD is one of the fastest-acting delivery methods possible, due to the unique absorption rate of the lungs. But, to make this product even more bioavailable, we’ve used Micell nanotechnology which allows the particles to become water-soluble. Water-soluble CBD is absorbed more thoroughly and more quickly through the body, because of its molecular structure. This means that you’ll be getting more out of each and every dose.

5.5 Milligrams of Full Spectrum Hemp Per Dose

We know that our customers desire potency, and that’s what we had in mind when we developed our inhalers. Each dose gives you 5.5 milligrams of full spectrum hemp – for most people, that’s the perfect amount to get them through their day when taken periodically. As each dose gives your body full spectrum hemp, you’ll be absorbing more than just CBD. You’ll enjoy the complete spectrum of compounds present in the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This allows you to experience the entourage effect, which refers to the fascinating synergistic properties of the whole hemp plant in action.

A Variety of Flavors from Which to Choose

Customers like variety. That’s why our CBD inhalers come in a variety of flavors. In fact, each flavor has its own unique properties to the body. This means that whether you’re looking for a boost or something that will help you relax, we have exactly what you’re looking for. The flavors themselves come from natural ingredients, and you’ll love the clean and refreshing taste that each one provides.

Rich in Desirable Cannabinoids

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about non-CBD cannabinoids. As hemp continues to be more carefully researched than ever before, scientists are learning that there’s more to the hemp plant than just CBD. For instance, we know that CBN can be uniquely relaxing, and that CBG can provide relief in a multitude of ways. That’s why we went to great lengths in order to ensure that our inhalers are uniquely high in desirable cannabinoids that can be quite difficult to find. The more cannabinoids you put into your body, the more fuel you’re giving to your endocannabinoid system so that it can fulfill its necessary regulatory functions to aid in homeostasis.

Consistent Dosing at Last

A lot of CBD products on the market are difficult to dose out due to their application methods. For instance, when we vape CBD, we’re taking in a different amount of hemp each time depending on how hard we pull and how long we hold down the button of the vaporizer device. With CBD topicals, it’s even harder to enjoy a perfectly consistent dose each and every day.

Our CBD inhalers were designed to give you the exact same dosage level whenever you go to take an inhale. This means that users can enjoy a more consistent experience overall. You won’t have to count out milliliters, or use measuring equipment to ensure that each dose is the same as the last. Basically, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Easy to Use

Our CBD inhalers couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and push down on the button to release the perfect amount of hemp compounds into your body. Take a nice, big inhale, and you’re good to go. That’s about as simple as it gets.


Our inhalers are designed to be travel-friendly, meaning that you can take them with you throughout the day. No matter where you are, you can enjoy a nice dose of CBD.

Overall, CBD Luxe CBD Inhalers are a New Way to Maintain a Daily Hemp Routine

As the CBD industry continues to involve, the methods of consuming CBD oil continue to improve. That’s why CBD Luxe Inhalers are easy to use, consistent in application and capable of giving you an even more successful CBD experience overall so that you can reach those goals like never before. Explore the variety of inhalers that we have available and select one most appealing to your wellness-related needs and personal preferences.’